ANRA Electronics Policy

ANRA Electronics Policy; please read it we will be doing our best to see that everyone follows it.

Timed ignition-interruption devices (stutter boxes) prohibited. Starting-line and/or “high-side” rev limiters permitted. Two-steps, rev limiters, or any other rpm-limiting devices, legal unto themselves but altered or installed so as to function as a down track rpm controller, prohibited. A low setting on an “over rev” limiter will act like down track limiting device and there an electric tuning device.

All removable or pin-type timing devices are prohibited. Two-steps or other rev limiters that are adjustable by thumbwheel, replaceable chips, and the like may not be within the driver’s reach and will preferably be located outside the driver compartment.

The use of any programmable multi-point rev limiter and/or a rate-of-acceleration rpm limiter, either by themselves (i.e., MSD 7561, MSD 7761) or integrated into the ignition system (i.e., MSD 7531), is prohibited in NHRA competition.

Trans brakes and electric/air shifters allowed, but must be MANUALLY CONTROLLED BY THE DRIVER

Manual throttle stops are allowed must be set prior to crossing the ready line no in car controller allowed If you have the take them out.

Real Simple Rules